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League of Extraordinary Victorians

Head of State

  • Yusof Ishak: First President of Singapore, 1959–1970
  • C V Devan Nair: Third President of Singapore, 1981–1985
  • S R Nathan: Sixth President of Singapore, 1999–2011


  • Abdul Samad Ismail: Leading Malay politician in 1950s-1960s; Founding member, People’s Action Party; Malaysia Journalism Laureate
  • S Dhanabalan: Cabinet Minister, 1980–1993; Member of Parliament, 1978–1996; Chairman, Temasek Holdings, 1996-
  • Sardon Haji Jubir: Cabinet Minister, Malaysia, 1955–1972; Governor, Penang, Malaysia, 1975–1981
  • Abdul Aziz Ishak: Cabinet Minister, Malaysia, 1955–1963
  • Sha’ari Tadin: First Malay graduate Member of Parliament, 1968; Senior Parliamentary Secretary and Member of Parliament, 1968–1976
  • Dr Kanwaljit Soin (Ms): First female Nominated Member of Parliament, 1992–1996


  • Dr Phay Seng Whatt: Chairman, Public Service Commission, 1962–1975
  • Dr Han Cheng Fong: Permanent Secretary, 1978–1984; State Scholar, 1962
  • Lam Chuan Leong: Permanent Secretary, 1984–2006; Ambassador-at-Large, 2006-; President’s Scholar, 1967
  • Wong Hung Khim: Permanent Secretary, 1984–1987; President and CEO, Singapore Telecom, 1987–1995
  • Chiang Chie Foo: Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Defence, 1997-


  • LG (NS) Ng Yat Chung: Chief of Defence Force, Singapore Armed Forces, 2003–2007; Group President and CEO, Neptune Orient Lines, 2011-
  • LG Neo Kian Hong: Chief of Defence Force, Singapore Armed Forces, 2010-
  • MG Ng Chee Khern: Chief of Air Force, Singapore Armed Forces, 2006–2009; Director, Security and Intelligence Division, Ministry of Defence, 2010-; President’s Scholar, 1984
  • Air Vice Marshal Sulaiman Sujak: Malaysia first non-British Chief of Air Force, Royal Malaysian Air Force, 1967–1976; Deputy Chairman, Malaysia Airlines, 1977–1991
  • MG Syed Mohamed Syed Ahmad Alsagoff: Commander, Singapore armed forces when Singapore was part of Malaysia, 1963–1965
  • Tee Tua Ba: Commissioner of Police, Singapore Police Force, 1992–1997


  • Prof Ahmad Mohamed Ibrahim: Singapore first non-British Attorney-General, 1965–1967; Queen’s Scholar, 1936
  • Koh Eng Tian: Solicitor-General, 1981–1991; One of the first eight Senior Counsels appointed in Singapore
  • Giam Chin Toon: President, Law Society of Singapore, 1987–1989; One of the first eight Senior Counsels appointed in Singapore


  • Dr Chew Chin Hin: Only Singaporean who had been conferred the prestigious Mastership in the American College of Physicians (MACP) for contribution to medicine in Singapore


  • Haji Sanusi Mahmood: First Mufti of Singapore, 1969–1972
  • Ven Sik Kwang Sheng: President, Singapore Buddhist Federation, 2006-; Abbot, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery – Singapore largest Buddhist monastery, 2004-; Founder, Buddhist College of Singapore


  • G Ramachandran: Prominent Indian business leader; President, Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce, 1966–1968, 1973–1974, 1982–1986
  • Quek Leng Chan: Malaysian tycoon; Founder and Executive Chairman, Hong Leong Group Malaysia
  • Lim Hua Min: Founder and Executive Chairman, PhillipCapital Group.[39]
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