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Victoria Advisory Committee


Victoria Advisory Committee 2022-2023

Our VAC, which has served in an advisory and voluntary capacity since 1968, plays an active part in ensuring that every Victorian is given the opportunity to participate in the wide variety of programmes and activities available in VS. In the process, it aims to develop scholastic talents and healthy pursuits in schools as well as a strong sense of belonging to the nation The VAC underscores the importance of performance excellence by sponsoring awards for outstanding Victorians which recognise character and hard work.

Dr Sim Hong Gee Chairman
Mr Loh Wai Keong Vice-Chairman
Mr Tan Choon Seng Treasurer
Mr Phua Tien Beng Member
Mr Kelvin Wong Member
Mr Lim Han Feng Member
Mr Lim Siang Chin Member
Mr Tan Pei-San Member
Miss Gwenda Fong Member
Mr Tang Shiuh Huei Member
Mr Chow Weisi Secretary, Principal/Victoria School
Mr Low Swee Heng Jeffrey Secretary, Principal/Victoria Junior College
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