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Code of Conduct

A Gentleman's Appearance

A Gentleman’s Appearance


School Uniform

1.1 Victorians are to wear the prescribed school uniform with the school badge. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.
1.2 Shirts are to be buttoned up and tucked in. Shorts/trousers are to be worn well fit around the hips and waist.
1.3 When students are in half-uniform (PE/class T-shirt with shorts/pants), the T-shirt is to be tucked in.
1.4 Upper Secondary Victorians are to wear the prescribed VS belts purchased from the school bookshop. Victorians who forget to wear their belts are required to purchase one from the school bookshop.
1.5 Victorians will wear white-based track/canvas shoes which are low cut and properly laced with white shoelaces. Victorians are to wear VS socks that cover their ankles fully.
1.6 Victorians will be neatly dressed in their school uniform in school and at school functions or activities.
1.7 Victorians will wear the school tie smartly with a neat tie-knot on Mondays and during school functions. Victorians who forget to bring their ties are required to purchase one from the school bookshop.
1.8 Victorians are to wear their PE attire during PE lessons, games and physical activities.
1.9 Victorians can wear their PE attire/school based CCA t-shirts with appropriate shoes and socks on Saturdays and school holidays for school based activities.



2.1 Victorians are mindful of their personal grooming as it projects the school image and the Victorian community they belong to. Thus Victorians ensure that their hair is kept short and neatly combed without reaching the eyebrows in front, the collar at the back and the ears at the sides, nor be outlandishly styled, dyed or coloured.
2.2 Victorians will also be properly shaven and fingernails kept clean and short.
2.3 Ear-rings, nose-rings/studs, body piercings, white transparent/translucent ear sticks on the earlobes, chains, necklaces, rings, chokers, bangles, wrist bands, either of cloth, string, leather, plastic or metal, or any objects deemed inappropriate by the school are not allowed.
2.4 No form of body decoration (e.g. tattoos) is allowed. The school reserves the right to suspend Victorians found with any form of body decoration indefinitely.



3.1 Daily attendance in school during term time is compulsory as it supports student learning. Thus Victorians value punctuality for class lessons and school activities.
3.2 Only a medical certificate, which must be submitted to the Form Teacher upon a Victorian’s return to school, will be accepted to explain his absence from school based on medical reasons. A letter from parent/guardian will be accepted for absence for familial reasons, and only under exceptional instances such as funerals and religious festivals.
3.3 Victorians will obtain written permission from his Form Teacher before leaving the school premises during curriculum time based on valid reasons.
3.4 Permission may be sought from the Principal or Vice-Principal to leave the school early in the event of illness or unexpected circumstances. Responsible Victorians will furnish their Form Teacher with a medical certificate upon their return to school.
3.5 Victorians are mindful of their participation in school activities and will seek the permission of the teacher-in-charge before any absence from participation.
3.6 Victorians will inform the school promptly if they intend to leave the country during the school curriculum time based on valid reasons.
A Professional’s Prerogatives
A Sportsman’s Spirit
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