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Arts Education


Arts Education in Victoria School

At Victoria School (VS), we nurture every Victorian to be a Gentleman, Professional and Sportsman. Our Victorian Arts Education Programme serves to develop our students into Gentlemen with a deep appreciation for the aesthetics.

Gentleman – To develop a passion for the Arts and to develop a vibrant culture for the promotion of artistic development and excellence in Victoria School.

Professional – To equip students with the basic knowledge and technical competency in appreciating aesthetics;
To provide programmes and platforms for student talents to showcase their artistic and musical mastery.


1) To actively involve every student in arts activities so as to imbue them with a sense of the aesthetics and an appreciation of the arts.

2) To develop the potential of students with artistic talents


Exposure Level:

Attendance at In-school Performances:

Assembly performances: introduction of a variety of art forms (e.g. music, dance, visual arts, film, Chinese opera); and
Celebration/ commemoration days: platforms for arts-related programmes (e.g. International Friendship, Racial Harmony, Total Defence)

Attendance at Public Performances:
S1 Creative Communication Programme play watching;
Public Performances put up by VS Performing Arts CCA Groups during the Bi-annual VS Arts Festival;

Experience Level:
Performing Arts Activities CCA/Department
Rhapsody series Choir
Musical World series Band
Concerts CO
Evening of Music and Drama/Dramafest ELDDS
Chinese Drama
VCA_ Tamil Language All Arts Competition
Exhibitions Art Elective Programme
Lunchtime Concerts Music/Arts Education Committee

*includes workshops, enrichment classes, provision of avenues for student performances within the school (e.g. Speech Day, National Day, Teachers’ Day)

School-Based Development Programs
Students are developed in the arts through the arts instructional programs:

Skills Subject
Drawing/painting/Art Elements and Design Principles/Study of Visual ArtsS1 Art & Design, S1 Art Elective Programme
Design Thinking through Artefact Making
Illustration Techniques
S2 Art & DesignS2 Art Elective Program
Music Appreciation (I)/ electronic music S1 Music
Music Appreciation (II) S2 Music
Dramatisation S1 Lit
Film interpretation/Creative Poetry Project S2 Lit
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