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Principal's Message

Think, feel and dream

Brave new worlds, tryst with the unfamiliar, merge

Curiosity and fun; invent and whistle a sweet refrain.

(Professor Edwin Thumboo, SC Class of ’51)


Welcome to Victoria School (VS)!

For more than 140 years, VS has nurtured Victorians to be Gentlemen, Professionals and Sportsmen. Generations of Victorians – Queen’s scholars, lawyers, doctors, engineers, educators, sportsmen, military and police chiefs, businessmen, Permanent Secretaries, Members of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers and Presidents – have made tangible and significant contributions to Singapore as part of nation-building. Fuelled by a passion for their craft and calling, each took on great responsibilities to change the social circumstance and status quo, for our fellow men, for humanity.

Today, we continue to provide top-quality education for high-ability young men premised on character and leadership excellence. As a dual track school, students choose between our 4-year ‘O’ Level Programme and the 6-year Victoria-Cedar Alliance Integrated Programme (VCA IP) jointly offered with Cedar Girls’ Secondary School and Victoria Junior College. In line with the school’s focus on holistic development, we nurture Victorians in the character and leadership, cognitive, community, aesthetics and physical domains.

Since the inauguration of the Victoria-Cedar Alliance (VCA) in 2012, the partnership has grown and matured. Together, the three VCA schools (Victoria School, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School and Victoria Junior College) are successfully running the 6-year VCA IP, which aims to develop the Social Innovator and Passionate Learner. The VCA partnership has further broadened to include the key areas of CCA collaboration, talent development, student leadership development and sharing of good teaching-learning practices. The strong alliance has deepened student and staff learning across the three VCA schools. This year, the VCA will commemorate its 10th year of the IP, Together, with Everyone, for New beginnings and possibilities.

Victorians take pride in the school that watch them grow, aspire for their dreams, whilst staying anchored to values that guide them even beyond the school gates. The Victorian ‘heartbeat’ resonates with the close-knit brotherhood, family and community, bonds them and emboldens them to bring honour to the school, and a strong sense of contributing back to school, community and the nation. “Once a Victorian, Always a Victorian”.

In 2021, we celebrated 145 years of school heritage and excellence. Through the various meaningful and memorable activities for our Victorian community, we forged ahead to seek opportunities for learning for our Victorians. We were heartened to receive the continued support and dedication of our staff, celebrated the accomplishments of Victorians, and welcomed the faith and trust from our Victoria Advisory Committee, Old Victorians’ Association and alumni, Parent Support Group and parents, and partners. As a result, VS continues to grow from strength to strength as a school of distinction.

Our Victorians appreciate and show gratitude to those who have nurtured them, who have stood by them in times of challenge. They understand the importance of giving personal effort and having the right attitudes in order to excel in their studies, academic competitions, CCAs, National School Games and Uniformed Group competitions. In the academic and co-curricular domains, Victorians will continue to work hard and excel, to sustain the excellent all-round performance of the school. More so in their character building, Victorians will uphold integrity and shoulder responsibility because they know their choices impact themselves and those who depend on them.

As we guide our Victorians to make sense of the ever-evolving global landscape, to help them discover their strengths, talents and place in the society, nation and the world, we hold fast to our belief in educating character and the faith we have in our Victorians to effect positive change, to be something more. To this end, we stay committed to do our very best for every Victorian.


Victorians labour on,

 In sunshine or in rain,

 If we fall, we rise up again.

(Lim Eng Chong, September 2011, Class of ’75)


Nil Sine Labore.


Chow Weisi


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