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Financial Information & Assistance


Financial Information Assistance

Fees payable

The monthly fees for Victoria School are the same for students in the ‘O’ Level Programme and the Integrated Programme. For 2023, the school fees are as follows:

  • Singapore citizen: $28
  • Permanent Resident: $523
  • International Student (ASEAN): $923
  • International Students: $1773

The fees payable include standard miscellaneous fees ($10), 2nd-tier miscellaneous fees ($10) and Autonomous School Fees ($3)


Financial assistance

VS is committed to ensuring that every student admitted into the school enjoys the benefits of the VS experience. Financial assistance is available to ensure that no deserving student is deprived of a high-quality education at VS.

MOE Financial Assistance

The Ministry of Education provides financial assistance to needy Singaporean students to pay for essential school expenses such as school fees, standard miscellaneous fees, textbooks and school attire.

The eligibility criteria for MOE financial assistance are:

  • The family’s Gross Household Income (GHI) does not exceed $3,000 per month; or
  • The family’s Per Capita Income (PCI) does not exceed $750. PCI is computed based on GHI divided by the number of household members.

Parents/guardians who wish to apply for MOE financial assistance can get the application form from the school’s General Office or download it from here.

School-based Financial Assistance

VS students who are currently on the MOE FAS but require additional assistance (e.g. meal and/or transport subsidies), as well as those who are not eligible for MOE FAS but require assistance, may approach the school General Office for further information and assistance.


At Victoria School, we have scholarships and bursaries to recognise outstanding students who have achieved performance excellence.

S.R. Nathan Old Victorians’ Association (OVA) Scholarship

The S.R. Nathan OVA Scholarship was launched in 2015 in honour of the distinguished and exemplary service of Mr Nathan as a former President of the Republic of Singapore and the other official leadership appointments he held. The S.R. Nathan OVA Scholarship, with a value of S$1000 each, is awarded to students from the graduating cohort of Victoria School and Victoria Junior College respectively.  The Victorians must have performed well academically and in their co-curricular activities, have good conduct grades and have shown character, resilience and drive in their educational journey.

Gentleman, Professional, Sportsman (GPS) Sports Scholarship

The scholarship recognises our Victorians with strong CCA achievements at an individual and team level. Our GPS scholar is a role-model as a team player and leader. Each GPS Scholarship, tenable for six years for the duration of study at VS-VJC, is valued at S$1000 per awardee each year. The recipients are the most deserving students with sports talents who join us at Secondary 1. The scholarship is renewed every year for these selected students when they continue to demonstrate good attitude, consistency in training, leadership ability, teamwork and a strong community spirit.

Gentleman, Professional, Sportsman (GPS) Bursary

The GPS Bursary, with a value of S$500 each, is an initiative by Victoria School and the Old Victorians’ Association to support our Victorians in achieving their goals. The criteria for application is based on gross household income, background, personal circumstances and exemplary academic, leadership and CCA records.

The application form can be obtained from the school General Office or downloaded here. Successful applicants will be informed of the outcome by end-November.

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