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Environmental Education


Victoria School Environmental Policy

Victoria School is committed to nurture an environmentally conscious community in school. Hence, Victoria School believes strongly that students and staff must involve themselves actively in community and environmental programmes. They are responsible not only for themselves but also the community at large, which has a stake in conserving the environment in which Singaporeans live. This sense of responsibility is guided by our school core values, in particular the values of “Respect” and “Empathy”.

Our vision is for every Victorian to make tangible contributions to his family, work, community and nation, translating environmental empathy into action.

Victoria School will:

smalltreeProtect, preserve and enhance the natural environment of the school and the community.


smalltreeIncrease environmental awareness in school through workshops, campaigns and assembly talks.


smalltreePromote active participation from school community in the areas of resource (energy and water) conservation, environmental promotion and protection.


smalltreeWork with the community towards a greener environment by engaging them in activities to reduce waste, prevent pollution and use resources efficiently.

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