Victoria Challenge 2019
Date 28 June (9 a.m.) to 29 June (9 a.m.)
Venue Victoria School, 2 Siglap Link
Objectives 1)     Building a shared identity, values and culture through a common Victoria Challenge experience for all staff, students and alumni.

2)     Making contributions back to the community and creating an impact on society.




“For Others Came Before and Went”


1)     Class-based Challenge

Each class is to identify a task that commemorates:

·        143 years of Victoria School, or

·        200 years since the founding of Singapore, or

that which is in line with the theme “For Others Came Before and Went”.


Students will plan the task creatively and carefully, and pledge to complete it within the timeframe of 24 hours.


2)     Signature Event –– Campus Run

The campus run is held in conjunction with Singapore Bicentennial to show how Victoria School has evolved with nation-building. The run takes the form of a torch-passing relay winding through the school’s past campus sites and the key heritage landmarks of Singapore. Aside from just travelling on foot, run participants can also look forward to travelling in kayaks and karts.


Starting at the Raffles Landing Site, members of the alumni will kick-start the torch passing at the Victoria Challenge opening ceremony, before subsequently handing it over to members of the current student population. The final runner will then hand over the torch at the current Siglap Link campus.


Campus Run Route:

to be updated

Nature of Challenge








The nature of the class-based challenges should be one or more of the following:

1)     Aesthetics: To enhance the physical environment, which usually refers to beautifying a physical space with the use of art works.

2)     Atmospheric: To build or add ambience in the school during the Victoria Challenge period, which usually refers to a physical activity.

3)     Active Contributions to Community: To contribute back to the community through direct and/or indirect service, or advocating for a cause.

4)     Archival: To chart the evolution of the history of Singapore, or Victoria School, through the creation of an artefact.


To view past Victoria Challenges and receive the latest updates, head to:

·        Our Facebook Page

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Appeal for Alumni Participation 1)     Campus Refurbishment Fund

At Victoria School, our vision is to develop every Victorian to become a Gentleman, Professional and Sportsman. To nurture our next generation of Victorians, we aim to provide a high-quality learning environment.


Today, our VS campus is more than 15 years old. Standard facilities in the school campus have undergone refurbishment with MOE’s sponsorship. However, the non-standard facilities which were built earlier with stakeholder support are also showing signs of wear-and-tear. To provide a safe and conducive environment for our Victorians, we will need to raise another $270,000 to repair and maintain these non-standard facilities, in particular to replace the air-conditioning in the Auditorium.


We appeal for your kind donation by filling in the attached form and returning it together with your cheque (in favour of “Victoria School”) or cash donation, or through the Giving.Sg platform ( for online donations. Donations of $100 and above are entitled to tax exemption and tax-exempt receipts will be issued. Thank you.


2)     Victoria Challenge Proposal for Alumni

“Once a Victorian, Always a Victorian” – the Victoria Challenge experience cannot and should not be limited to just the current Victorians. We warmly welcome all alumni members to join us for a fun and fulfilling time this June.


Let your ideas come to life by filling this form . We look forward to your innovative proposals, and let’s continue paying it forward!


About Singapore Bicentennial Singapore Bicentennial –– ‘Situating SG50 in a broader context in time and space’

The Singapore Bicentennial is an island-wide movement to uncover stories on how Singapore has developed into a successful and modern nation. It provides students, citizens and visitors the opportunity to reflect on, and learn from, the past 200 years from 1819 to 2019.


For more information, head to The Singapore Bicentennial Official Site.


In light of this, Victoria Challenge ‘Archival’ tasks should:

·        Display the evolution of the history of Singapore or Victoria School

·        Involve the collection of primary data

·        Create an artefact that can be archived and potentially used for future exhibitions

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