School Road Safety – 12 February 2018

To:     Victorians and Parents


12 February 2018


School Road Safety
As traffic along Siglap Link can be heavy in the mornings, please do not make an illegal U-turn, or alight passengers at road junctions, outside Gate 1 along Siglap Link (near the pedestrian crossing).  This may cause an accident or result in drivers getting traffic summons from the traffic police, who will step up their enforcement action around the school. Please drive slowly and exercise caution around and within the school campus.  Please refer to this map for traffic directions within the school:


ATT41754 1 (1)


We appreciate your understanding and support, as we strive to safeguard the safety and well-being of our Victorians and staff.  If there are areas for us to improve, please feel free to contact us.