Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group

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Victoria School is a second home for our students. The establishment of the Victoria School Parent Support Group (VSPSG) in 1999 was a natural extension of this sentiment.

At VSPSG, the vision is to be a valued partner in the well-being and development of Victorians, working in close partnership with the school. The mission is to partner the school in bringing the best out of every Victorian and contribute to the perpetuation of the Victorian Spirit.

The VSPSG is now an integral part of the Victorian family, and like all families, everyone pitches in when they can and gives their best to ensure a warm and caring home, helping every son of Victoria to become the best that he can be. In addition to professional sharing through career talks and providing work attachment opportunities for Victorians, our PSG strengthens the Victorian family through the organising of workshops and bonding activities that enhance parent-child relationships.

For more information, refer to VSPSG website.