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Collection of 2020 School Graduation Folders (for O Level students only)

Dear 2020 Sec 4 O level,

You may collect your school graduation folders (for O Level students only) from 15 Mar to 31 Mar 2021, 8.30 am to 5pm from the General Office.

Please be reminded to do your Safe Entry and temperature taking at the guard house before entering the school premise.

Please bring along your Identification card / Student Pass for Identity verification.  For collection by proxy, please bring the following documents:

a) Candidate’s Original Identity Card (IC) / Student Pass
b) Proxy’s Original Identity Card
c) An authorization letter from the Candidate furnished with the following information:
– Year of Exam
– Exam Level (eg ‘O’ level)
– Types of certificates (eg School Graduation cert)
– Name and Identity Number of Candidate
– Name and Identity Number of Proxy

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