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Exam Rules

The following rules and procedures must be strictly adhered to so that the integrity and security of the assessment will not be compromised. Any disobedience will be severely dealt with. Consequences include, and not limited to, deduction of marks and suspension from the rest of the assessment.

  1. Candidates must be outside the assessment venue (e.g. classroom, hall) at least 15 mins before the start of the paper. Candidates may only enter the assessment venue when the invigilator instructs them to do so. Candidates must move quickly to their desks silently. They are not allowed to retrieve items from their bags once they are in contact with the paper.
  1. Latecomers who enter the assessment venue up to 15 mins after the start of the paper may sit for the paper, but no extra time will be given. Latecomers who enter the assessment venue after that will not be permitted to sit for the paper and must be directed to the Internal Exam Committee.
  1. Only Medical Certificates (MCs) from registered doctors* are accepted for absence due to medical reasons. MCs must be produced on the day the candidate is next in school. Parent letters are not accepted. Candidates who do not feel well the day before the assessment should see a doctor to get a MC and should not come to school for the paper. Candidates who do not feel well on the day of the assessment must report to their teacher before the start of the paper. They will be isolated in the sick bay until their parents are contacted to bring them home.
  1. Unauthorised materials, like notes and books, and electronic devices such as handphones are strictly not allowed during the assessment. Candidates must leave their bags outside the classroom or at the back of the hall. All handphones must be switched off. Wallets and handphones, if brought into the classroom, must be left on the teacher’s table.
  1. Candidates must produce their identity card (e.g. EZ-Link Card) for identification purposes. The document must be placed at the right corner of their desk for the entire duration of the paper.
  1. Communication, verbal or non-verbal, between candidates is strictly forbidden. Candidates should also not be looking at the scripts of other candidates. Silence must be maintained in the assessment venue.
  1. Candidates are not allowed to borrow stationery from each other.
  1. Candidates are not allowed to go to the toilet during the first hour of the paper and 15 minutes before the paper ends.
  1. Candidates must stop writing immediately when the invigilator says so. They are not given additional time to write their names/class. They are to leave their pens on the table and their hands off the table.
  1. Cheating will not be tolerated. All suspected cases will be investigated and disciplinary action will be taken if necessary.

* School-based assessment refers to all formative and summative assessments administered in school including all class tests, quizzes, practical tests, Continual Assessment (CA) 1 & 2 and Semestral Assessment (SA) 1 & 2.

+ Go to to check if a particular doctor is a registered doctor.

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