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Q1 What is VSPSG?
a) VSPSG stands for Victoria School Parent Support Group with a vision of being a valued partner in the well being and development of Victorian by working in close rapport with Victoria School.
b) VSPSG was established in 1999 with the mission of partnering the school in bringing out the best of every Victorian and to contribute to the continuity of the Victorian spirit.
Q2 Who can join as a VSPSG member?
All Parent of VS boys studying Sec 1, 2, 3 or 4 are eligible to join as a member in VSPSG.
Q3 Where can I get the application form?
Please print the Application form and submit. Download application form here.
Q4 How do I benefit for being a VSPSG member?
As a VSPSG member, you will be collaborating with existing PSG members and advisors in partnering the school for the mission of bringing out the best of every Victorian i.e. your son(s). Helping the school in enhancing family life amongst parents, teaching staff and students are key to our participation. Members get privileges and priority for our events.
Q5 Does volunteering in VSPSG activities take much of my time?
There are one-off or ad hoc activities which you may lend your time for short duration at your convenience. Your voluntary work will not interfere with your regular occupation. We do not mandate the number of hours for each member.
Q6 How is the membership fee like?
$40 for 4 years membership
Q7 Will I get a refund if I wish to withdraw after 1 year?
There is no refund of the fee when you decide to withdraw from PSG membership. The fees collected are used to support a number of on-going PSG initiatives which benefits the Parents, Students & VS Staff.
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